We’ve been DJs for many years, and the truth is – we ain’t young. That doesn’t affect our performance – but it has been known to discombobulate our younger clients. If you have a moment, picture the scene:

We arrive at the venue, and start loading in; sound systems, lighting bars, cables. . .
The client (very charming, early thirties) is slightly on edge, wondering if the party will be a success.

Client, thinks – “He’s rather old to be a roadie. . .”
Then an awful doubt creeps in.
“Are you Mike?”
“Yup, that’s me – hello.”
“But – are you the DJ?”
“Yes, I am – but panic not, I know what I’m doing. . .”

Too late; client is now wondering if her nephew Harry will be able to take over if. . .

So we go into the full reassurance script, and later – if some of the younger guests are surprised to find a grandfather experienced with Dubstep and Emo – so be it.

And of course the evening is wonderful.

But we think it’s kinder to the host if we can avoid this little interplay before the guests arrive.

And that is why we tend towards clients who are not in their first youth, because – curiously – slightly older clients have less difficulty with age bias.

But if you’re happy with grandad at the mixers, just contact mss@theoldrockers.co.uk

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