Delighted to see that we are not alone in our enthusiasm for Flanders and Swann – see

The Times – Golden oldies help 24-year-old Jonathan Gibson take Mastermind crown

During the evening nosh we often play tracks for amusement rather than dancing, and it’s great when the guests recognise much-loved songs which they haven’t heard for years.

So there we were one evening playing tracks from our “entertainment” section, and the Flanders & Swann Hippopotamus song (“Mud, mud, glorious mud. . .”)  really caught the guests’ attention.   We were asked to play it again immediately to allow the younger generation to fully enjoy the sing-along chorus  – and then for a third time very enthusiastically towards the end of the evening.

If you don’t know it (really?) do look at

Much hilarity at that party.  Amongst other tracks  we also played

Any Old Iron,

My Old Man’s a Dustman,

Nellie the Elephant,


Puff the Magic Dragon,


Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear

It’s great when inhibitions evaporate, and everybody sings along.

Very silly, and lots of fun.

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