Apparently, small marquees are already in short supply for weekends in July and August 2021.

When the Covid 19 lockdown ends, every weekend will see garden parties and outdoor events and if they include music a marquee or gazebo will be crucial for making sure the weather stays fine.

Scientific tests show that rain showers are attracted to  open air amplifiers, speakers, mixers and light bars, so some sort of roof is essential.  Sound systems especially do not like damp, and der konsequent fizzin mit spitzensparken  can be very exciting for the DJ.  Light bars merely explode – cold rain on hot PARs.

Some sort of tent is the answer –  it invariably guarantees that the sun will shine, and later the soft evening air will be redolent of Ibiza.  However,  we gather that many marquee suppliers are already solidly booked for what may be a short window of opportunity for parties before social distancing again becomes the rule.

So if you’re still thinking about your get-together, probably wise to take a decision now.

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