There are three of us – Mike, John and Tim. Our preferred sets are for slightly older guests (40+), but we’re also well-armed with tracks for those who like (for example) Radios 1 & 2, Kerrang, MTV, Scuzz etc. We really like rock, but we also enjoy Bach and Bacharach, Waller and Weller, Steeleye Span and Steely Dan. . .

Unlike most DJs, we’re happy with any music: folk-rock; heavy metal; Irish traditional; Bollywood; ska. . . whatever you want.

Our standard kit comprises laptops, mixers, and line array sound systems – 12 (14 speakers, 260 watts) and Chauvet lights for floor and ceiling (12 quad-colour LEDS, 12 fixed-colour LEDS, 2 lasers, 8 high-power strobes, sound activated pulses).

We give clients a list of 9,000+ tracks, and we ask the client to give us an indication of their preferred playlist; then we build on that. If a client has favourites not already on our database we can normally add them.

Also, we’re happy to provide our human jukebox – we bring full printouts of the tracks, and the guests are welcome to choose. It is essential that clients tell us which tracks are forbidden!

For background music we have a huge selection including light classics, shows/films, jazz red-hot and cool, swing, Chicago, World Music, or simply middle-of-the-road orchestral or pop.

We don’t drink (well, very little) and we don’t talk unless you want us to. We arrive promptly and we don’t finish until it’s appropriate to do so.

Currently we’re charging £30 per hour, 40p per mile from Aylesbury, all plus VAT. Usually we’ll go anywhere, but most of our events have been in Oxfordshire (Oxford, Bicester & Thame particularly), Bucks (Buckingham, Aylesbury and High Wycombe particularly), and Herts (Berkhamsted and Hemel particularly).

We look forward to hearing from you.