OK – we confess: Occasionally we decline invitations to parties because they will be too small.
Background music for a reception? Relaxed and easy.
Energizing a dance party to achieve critical mass? Tough – if there are not enough guests.

The dance floor problem:
A dance floor needs at least 10 couples.
At least half the guests won’t dance, and of them usually no more than half will be dancing at any one time
– so you need 80 guests to make a dance floor interesting

How to calculate the number of guests:

From your invitees, you will have c.70% acceptance, depending on the time of year.
And of those, c.80% will actually arrive.
So for at least 80 guests you need to invite at least 145 people: 145 x.8 x.7 = 81

. . .Which is why many people share parties. The larger numbers make a better party, and the economies of scale reduce the cost.

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