We’ve provided DJs and music to many outdoor events, and we always enjoy them – but what is their particular attraction? The fresh air, of course, but it’s also the variety; somehow there is always much more to see than there is within the four walls.

Once you’re installed in the village hall or the golf club, that’s it for the evening: bar, tables, dance floor – it’s all one scene for the next few hours.

But in the garden or the field, the surroundings change as the party progresses.
When the guests arrive, the colours are vivid, and there’s a different view wherever you look. As the light fades, the dance floor colours pulsate but outside the details fade to something near monochrome. It makes the party rather special.

In England we’ve attended outdoor gigs as late as October – but by then heating is essential.
So if you’re considering a garden party or a village green event – do contact us. If necessary we’ll bring our own gazebo!

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