Here’s a thought –

It’s very rare that we find a packed venue.  This is partly because the hosts tend to overestimate how many guests will actually arrive, but mainly because many of the popular venues are seriously large spaces and most of them cannot sub-divide – so you pay for the entire space, regardless of how many guests you are entertaining.

Cynthia* wrote to us:  “I wanted to have my 50th at our local  community centre, but their little rooms are too small, and the main hall is huge –  80 guests would have been in a very echoey space, and it was quite expensive.  So I shared with my neighbour’s 60th – we have quite a lot of mutual friends – and it was a great evening.  To be honest, it allowed us to afford a much better party.  The cost per guest for everything – hall, food, drink and music – was much lower than it would have been if I’d gone with my original plan, and I think that having more people gave the party more of a buzz.”

Good thinking.  If we can help with your planning, do please contact us.


*not his real name

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